Django Python Machine Learning

Design and Implementation of China Digital Ocean Prototype System

Design and Implementation of China Digital Ocean Prototype System With the developing of spatial information and internet technology, marine management departments begin to design and develop information systems on the basis of GIS technology. It helps government to improve their work efficiency. However different departments use different technologies, different data formats and different work flows, […]

Dynamic Analysis of Android Apps

Dynamic Analysis of Android Apps ANALYSIS CODE While the executables are sufficient for reproducing ourstudy results, we share the source code also so that (1) thetoolkit can becustomizedby interested readers to conductsimilar characterizations but with varied metrics, and (2)development of different dynamic analysis tools can befacilitated by reusing some of the components in the toolkit.The […]

Artifacts for Dynamic Analysis

Artifacts for Dynamic Analysis As Android continues to gain momentum in mobilecomputing, increasing research has been invested in analyzingAndroid apps. In particular, due to inherent limitations of staticanalysis (e.g., in dealing with dynamic language constructs andcode obfuscation), dynamic analysis has been recognized as analternative or complement [1]. However, in contrast to reusableutilities available for static […]

Android Applications in Screen-Off State

Android Applications in Screen-Off State We measured the number of WakeLock acquisitions and sets of alarm, and estimated battery draining application with the proposed method. The experimental setup and the used applications are the same as those of section III. After estimation, we uninstalled some applications and measured power consumption. The results are shown in […]

Open CV Based Effective Driver

Open CV Based Effective Driver Driver fatigue and distraction during travel are the major causes for the road accidents. Many driver monitoring systems have been proposed in recent years for monitoring driver activities to avoid accidents. Most of the existing systems are in the form of specialized embedded hardware, majorly present in luxurious vehicles. This […]

Distraction Monitoring System

Distraction Monitoring System In flow of the proposed Android OpenCV Based Driver Monitoring System. The driver fatigue and eye rub detection is carried out in several stages. Initially the Input video is split to frames. Image preprocessing (size reduction) is done to reduce the processing time on each frame. Haar – like feature detector is […]