Django Python Machine Learning

Container-Based Virtualization Solution Adapted for Android Devices

Container-based virtualization solutions have been around for many years, and are now being adapted for Android devices. Codeshoppy, a leading provider of container-based virtualization solutions, is now offering a new solution that is specifically designed for Android devices. This solution provides an additional layer of security and control to Android devices, allowing them to be […]

E-sewa app for self-employed women

Many women run their own businesses, such as Homemade Spices and Snacks. These people have a difficult time reaching out to customers. Their sales and marketing efforts are limited to word-of-mouth publicity and personal experiences. The project will include an e-commerce platform where women will be able to set up their presence online and conduct […]

Application of Smart IoT Technology in Project Management Scenarios

The report presents a low-cost and flexible solution to control and monitor home and industrial appliances. The popularity of automation devices has increased greatly in recent years due to higher affordability and simplicity through IoT phone and tablet connectivity. For this purpose, we have developed the IoT Outlet: a stand-alone communication unit, used to connect […]

Speed Control of ac fan and brightness control of incandescent bulb

With the blooming automation industry and ever-increasing wireless connectivity, it is possible to connect all the devices within home through IoT. Automation of home appliances improve comfort, helps to manage our energy usage efficiently and reduce electricity bill. The main objective of this paper is to design a simple Arduino and Nodemcu based cost effective […]

Intelligent Recognition Solution of Tobacco Disease on Android Platform

In order to improve the recognition accuracy of tobacco diseases, improve the recognition efficiency and convenience, and reduce the recognition cost, this project carried out the research on the recognition technology of tobacco diseases based on deep learning. First, the data set was established. The data set is consisted of several kinds of common tobacco […]

Design and Implementation of Android-based Smart Classroom Control System

This paper describes the design and implementation of smart classroom control system based on Android in detail. The hardware part of the project is programmed with Keil software; the software part is developed based on Android Studio integrated development environment, using Bluetooth communication protocol to communicate with hardware. You can use the Android Application Control […]