Design and Implementation of China Digital Ocean Prototype System

Design and Implementation of China Digital Ocean Prototype System

With the developing of spatial information and internet technology, marine management departments begin to design and develop information systems on the basis of GIS technology. It helps government to improve their work efficiency. However different departments use different technologies, different data formats and different work flows, and one department can not access other departments’ data or use their functions. It causes information island and resource waste. In order to solve these problems, this paper studies the coupling relation between web service and GIS technology, and designs the multi-level architecture of China Digital Ocean Information System based on SOA (Service-based Architecture), and discusses various application modes for users at different levels. At last, the architecture and application modes proposed in this paper are verified by implementation of China Digital Ocean Prototype System. code shoppy

With more concerns about marine environment and resources, as well as further understanding of ocean, the use of information technology to solve or help to solve ocean issues has become a research focus. In recent years, china marine management departments at all levels and relevant research institutions have built their own marine business systems, management systems or application systems. However, with the globalization of resources and environmental issues,whether management or studies set a still higher demand on the data, information and resource sharing, but the existing way obviously can not meet this demand.

With the developing of internet technology and the coming forth of the Web Service, a series of protocols and specifications emerge, such as the early WDDX, XML-RPC, WIDL and the current SOAP, WSDL, UDDI [1]. These make the discovery, publish and access of services easier. The application of this technology in marine areas has become an inevitable trend of development, and also is an effective way to solve the existing problems. Based on the analysis of the current status of Chinese marine information construction, this paper proposes to apply web service technology in the design of the state-level information systems, and designs and realizes China Digital Ocean Prototype System according to this thought https://codeshoppy.com/android-app-ideas-for-students-college-project.html

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