Android Open CV Based Effective Driver Fatigue

Android Open CV Based Effective Driver Fatigue Driver fatigue and distraction during travel are the major causes for the road accidents. Many driver monitoring systems have been proposed in recent years for monitoring driver activities to avoid accidents. Most of the existing systems are in the form of specialized embedded hardware, majorly present in luxurious […]

Secure Android Coding Tool

Secure Android Coding Tool SACH is an educational tool that helps students learn about vulnerabilities in android programs. SACH uses 9 rules published by Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT)that covers security vulnerabilities in android programs ranging from coding practices to protecting sensitive data. CERT developed a set of secure coding rules published by the Software […]

Android Coding with Accessibility

Android Coding with Accessibility This paper describes our work to redesign and implement new features to the Secure Android Coding Helper (SACH) that provides accessibility to as many disabled people as possible. SACH is a scanning tool developed to scan the source code of a vulnerable Android application for non-compliance of CERT Android Secure Coding […]

Redesigning a Tool for Secure Android

Redesigning a Tool for Secure Android There are over one billion of the world’s population currently suffering from some form of disability. People with disabilities are more likely to have a harder time in society than people without a disability when it comes to employment, health, education, and even financially [1]. Today, technologies have become […]

To add IOIO features to Android

To add IOIO features to Android This paper is organized as follows: after having an overview of some existing projects, and highlighting the need for a combination of a platform that both simplifies HW and SW, the authors present their initiative in order to simplify the programming tasks for the IOIO electrical board. Then, they […]

Hardware features to Android Apps

Hardware features to Android Apps While each of the products mentioned in the previous section provides an interesting product that simplifies whether Electronics or programming, all of them tend to be very specific. They focus whether on HW only or SW only. Even if a HW product comes with its developing environment, it still requires […]

Development of an Android Service

Development of an Android Service The world is currently witnessing a revolution in the Internet of Things (IoT) field. It is predicted that one day, our everyday life’s objects will embed a computer. These devices collaborate to make all tasks as simple as possible, which is the ultimate objective of IoT. In this context, and […]

Development Research on Android Application

Development Research on Android Application Introduction to MediaRecorder ClassProgramsforrecordingaudiosappliesMediaRecorder class several times, so we will introduce itfirstly. MediaRecorder is applied for audio/vedio sampling.It can execute recording for any length and lead users tostopWorkflow Diagram of MediaRecorder ClassMediaRecorder is also accomplished via OpenCORE inthe bottom, but it needs the Jave interface provided byAndroid when developing applications.B. […]

Development on Android

Development on Android Android is an open and free operating system basedon Linux, which is mainly used for mobile terminals, such assmart phones and panel computer. It is developed by OpenHandset Alliance composed of more than 30technology companies and mobile phone companies. Androidtries to allow users experience the best service quality, andallow developers get a […]

Research Based on Android

Research Based on Android Linux Kernel LayerThe core system services of Android are based on Linux2.5 kernel, such as security, memory management, processmanagement, network protocol stack and driving model.Linux kernel is also the abstract layer between the hardwareand software stacks.What Android need more is the drivers associated withthe mobile drivers, and the main drivers are […]