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Application Development on Android Platform

Application Developmenton Android Platform Android is an open and free operating system basedon Linux, which is mainly used for mobile terminals, such assmart phones and panel computer. It is developed by OpenHandset Alliance composed of more than 30technology companies and mobile phone companies. Androidtries to allow users experience the best service quality, andallow developers get […]

Mobile App For An Institute

Mobile App For An Institute Application Fundamentals Android applications are written in Java programming language. However it is important to remember that without using the standard Java Virtual Machine (JVM) android applications cannot be executed. Instead, Google has created a custom VM called Dalvik. Dalvik is responsible for transforming and also for launching Java byte […]

Android App for To and Fro Communication

Android App for To and Fro Communication This module is the embedded hardware approachwhich is used for Design – Hardware (Transducers &Actuators)The first module is the embedded hardwaremodel which uses an embedded system that isinterfaced with an Arduino-based hardware platform asshown in fig 2. 1.Driving MotorsA combination of four 100RPM motors (12V, 1A) with spurgearbox […]

Interfacing of Robot with Android App

Interfacing of Robot with Android App A robot is a device to perform the task with accuracy andprecision. This can be done by programming for decisionmaking to process the conditional performance by therobots. With advancement of robotic technology andmechatronics principles, total performances aredetected for different operations at a time and reported to the user. This […]