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E-Exam Cell

Exam Hall Ticket Management System

E-Exam Cell

“E-Exam Cell” system is an automated system which is especially designed and developed for the institutions which follows CGPI/SGPI grading pattern. Generation of results, Halltickets and other activities are manually done which is very tedious and time consuming job which might lead to flaws in the result. Keeping in mind the problems of previous system we came up with “E-Exam Cell” which is an automated system and is very easy to use and saves time. “E-Exam Cell” is a computerized system through which results can be provided smoothly without any error. Online form filling, Revaluation form filling, ATKT form filling and Hall ticket filling can be done by students easily oncethey are registered as the system is reliable, secure, robust and efficient. Code Shoppy Once the student has filled all the details the hall ticket issend to the students registered e-mail where student can print it and come for verification later. If any student has filled revaluation or ATKT form, then notification regarding the samewill be provided to them. The main focus of this system is to provide remote access to the users.

As we know that our existing college exam cell activitiesincludes a lot of manual work, the students have to collect theexam form, revaluation form, A. T. K. T form and hall ticketform from the exam cell office and to fill it manually. Afterfilling the form(s) it has to be submitted in exam cell forverification and for record keeping purpose the student’sinformation is stored in excel sheets. So, when the number ofrecords increase, it becomes difficult to maintain theinformation of each student in an antiquated system, thus theexisting examination cell process is very time consuming, andit requires a lot of paper work. Also, maintaining the recordsmanually makes the system more prone to errors and also it willtake extra time for record processing. So, to overcome thedrawbacks of existing system we have introduced “E – ExamCell” an automated system for examination cell. E – Exam cell will ensure that the activities in the context ofan examination can be held very robustly and also making itmore useful as well as convenient for both students and staff.Therefore, the online form filling is taking over the traditionalsystem.

E – Exam cell will provide the students to register andenrol them in our system. After successful registration, thestudents can login to our system using any browsers and thestudent can fill the exam form, A. T.K.T form, revaluation formand hall ticket form online remotely from anywhere and cantake the print out of the same. All the student’s previous examrelated information is already stored in our systems secureddatabase so result generation can also be done by our E – Examcell. E – Exam will also notify the students about any queriesrelated to examination, A.T.K.T, Revaluation directly throughtheir registered E-mail as per the student’s status. Our system isvery advantageous and helpful for both the staff and thestudents and this system is very reliable, efficient, scalable, androbust and also saves a lot of time. So thus, by designing E –Exam Cell we have made an attempt to ease the examinationcell related work for both the students as well as for the examcell staff.

Scope of a project is a main part of project planningwhich includes necessary list of project specific goals, tasks,deliverable, deadlines, project cost. Project scopesdocumentation mainly focuses on boundaries of the project,some procedures for how to achieve the project’s goals anddeliverable and the responsibilities of the team memberstowards the project. E-Exam Cell is a faster and easy approach to automateexamination cell department, with the help of this project theResult Generation, Hall Ticket Generation and otherexamination related work will be done smoothly and error freeas it is a computerized system. Students and Exam Cell adminscan interact with this system where they can do their activities.Student have a limited access and they do not have any rightregarding the result generation or exam form verification. Examcell admin have overall access but they cannot fill any examform nor any KT form as the features are specific to specificusers.

This is an automated approach towards Examinationdepartment which will ease the work of Students by filling theforms online instead of manual form submitting, No morestanding in queue for hall ticket, and Exam form filling. Thissystem will minimize the work of exam cell department byproper centralized student database. Hall Tickets and Marksheets generation will be done by the system with this Systemthe students and exam cell department will have the access tosystem anytime.


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